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Tools for future mammography
Trough external monitoring and efforts to build relations we participate in the project Mammo-AI. The project is an initiative by Karolinska University Hospital to develop a decision support system for breast cancer screening based on artificial intelligence. The aim is to increase quality and equal treatment within breast cancer screening and thereby lowering mortality. Representatives from industry, healthcare as well as the university participates in the project.

Mammography-based screening has reduced the mortality rate for breast cancer by about 30 percent since its introduction in Sweden. In spite of this, about 1500 people annually die in breast cancer. In order to lower mortality further, new tools that can increase quality and create equal treatment within breast cancer screening are required. We participate in a project initiated by Karolinska University Hospital with the aim to build decision-making support for this purpose, using artificial intelligence and advanced imaging. The system will analyze mammography images and serve as support in the work of both radiology nurses and specialists to determine whether additional analyzes are needed and how mammographic images are to be interpreted. 

The project is a collaboration between Karolinska University Hospital, Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Sectra and us, with financial support by Vinnova. We participate by connecting people and organisations and by building relationships with external companies and organisations active in or interested in the field. Through external monitoring, we also contribute to commercial development and identification of synergies with similar initiatives.

Interested in further information? Please contact us or visit Karolinska University Hospital.