Norra Djurgårdsstaden
Photo: WSP
Photo: Staffan Eliasson
Photo: Sofia Ekberg
Photo: Staffan Eliasson
Photo: Staffan Eliasson
Illustration: Berg/C.F. Møller

Boot camp & Hackathon


Two methods aiming to strengthen entrepreneurial health solutions within the region:

  • One intensive cours – ”boot camp” – focusing on growth within entrepreneurial companies.
  • One innovation program – Health Hack Academy – in five steps (ideation, hackathon, prototyping, pitch training and the final at Digital Health Days where the winners are elected and presented) within health with the aim to find solutions to challenges from the healthcare sector. More information:

Increased awarenes among health and life science entrepreneurs about challenges they meet when they start and develop their companies.


Strenthening of the regions’ innovation power as well as increased knowledge among participating entrepreneurs. In the long run, this facilitates growth of the companies they work for. The healthcare sector have been invited to formulated their needs/challenges so that the entrepreneurs can address them through the competition. All solutions are developed based on actual challenges of the healthcare sector.