Future Health: Blood proteomics – new opportunities for precise diagnostics and disease prediction

19 March 08:30 - 19 March 10:00

Technological leaps during the last few years have allowed for determining protein profiles from a small drop of blood. Large-scale protein analyses of blood samples reveal new biomarkers for different diseases, indicating that blood profiling is being developed into a powerful tool for monitoring health and disease. 

Welcome to a panel discussion where leading experts explore the new possibilities of more precise diagnostics, prognostics, and prediction using blood proteomics. While the use of genomic profiling is evolving precision medicine in the clinic already today, novel omics tools are on the horizon. Don´t miss the opportunity to learn about what we can expect in the coming years. The questions addressed during the panel discussion include: 

  • What new knowledge can be gained from blood proteomic profiling? 
  • How can the tools be used for early detection of diseases?  
  • How can proteomics be combined with genomics to better understand disease mechanisms and select correct treatments?  
  • What are the main challenges to overcome when implementing new tools in healthcare? 

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  • Stephen A. Williams, Chief Medical Officer at Standard BioTools (formerly known as SomaLogic)
  • Mathias Uhlén, Professor of Microbiology at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology 
  • Maria Pernemalm, Associate professor, Department of oncology pathology, Head of Unit Global Proteomics and Proteogenomics facility at SciLifeLab, Karolinska Institutet 
  • Torbjörn Söderström, Chief Medical Officer at Swedish Medical Products Agency

When: Tuesday 19 March at 08.30-10.00. Breakfast is served from 08:00.  
Where: Axel Wenner-Gren Lecture Hall, Wenner-Gren Center, Sveavägen 166, Stockholm.  
The seminar is in English. The number of seats is limited, register no later than March 15, at 3 PM. 

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In case of a no-show without cancellation, we charge a no-show fee of 200 SEK. We do this to reduce any food waste and to be able to offer a seat to somebody else when our events are fully booked.

Stockholm Science City arranges this seminar together with Standard BioTools.

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