Patenting AI and Blockchain innovations within the life science field

16 March 08:30 - 16 March 09:45

Applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain in life science is becoming increasingly common. 

How can these innovations be protected? What are the patent rules and how may a patent application be drafted? Compared to their use in pharmaceutical predictions, are the strategies different when these computational methods are implemented in a medical device? What do existing law cases tell us about the sufficiency of disclosure for these patents? 

The speakers Nora Spjuth and Hayden Miller

Welcome to a breakfast seminar with Patent Attorneys Nora Spjuth and Hayden Miller from AWA. Nora and Hayden have broad patent expertise in life sciences, biotechnology, telecommunications, physics, and IT. They will show concrete examples of the use of AI/ML and blockchain within life science and present general strategies for protecting intellectual property when these computational methods are implemented in different life science products.

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