Clever beanie monitors health

The Ericsson Innovation Award awarded Fatima Bayloun a third place for her invention – a smart headwear that monitors oxygen levels and heart rate. Fatima studies Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV, at Stockholm University.

Photo of Fatima Bayloun
Fatima Bayloun

Since earning her bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems, Fatima Baylouns interest in Information Technology kept growing. In 2021 she decided to enroll in a master's in computer science at Stockholm University, knowing that it is a great place to get a grasp of the latest topics in IT from top professors and experts in the field.

How and what made you come up with the product Beanie?

– I was selecting a topic for my thesis, and already knew that I want to do something to support elderly care after I saw that the elderly was the most affected during the pandemic. Pulse oximeters were very popular as a tool to monitor oxygen saturation levels in the blood among covid patients. However, the finger pulse oximeters seemed to have many design flaws and usability issues when dealing with the older population. Hence the proposition of a reimagined pulse oximeter, in a different design (headwear) and a wirelessly connected unit. So it is about a more usable and accurate design, and a way to keep an eye on our elderly remotely and continuously even in the most difficult times, i.e. pandemic.

Pulse oximetry Reimagined. Smart headwear for AI-powered health monitoring in elderly care.
Pulse oximetry reimagined. Smart headwear for AI-powered health monitoring in elderly care.

When will Beanie hit the market?

– Since BSENSE is a research-based solution, more research is to be done. In addition to testing with more users to improve the prototype we have today. This will need some time.

After university, will you continue to work with smart solutions for healthcare?

– I already finished my masters degree recently, and am still doing a second Master at DSV. While I am focusing on finding a good balance between my career goals and my passion for innovation and smart solutions for healthcare.

What is your best tip for others?

– The main lesson learned is that : From the moment you get an idea that solves a certain problem, share it and talk about it with your mentors or fellow students. I was amazed by the supportive ecosystem when it comes to innovation. It started with a chat with Drivhuset/Stockholm, then a grant from Almi, then doors started to open for more contacts and valuable tips and inputs from experts. Finally, I encourage everyone, especially students to look out for innovation-competitions as this will help validate your idea and develop it further.

What are you doing in five years?

– As a strong believer in technology as a solution to many societal challenges and problems, I will be definitely advocating for more digital transformation in healthcare and maybe other areas. Hopefully seeing BSENSE a well-developed and established solution improving the quality of elderly care as well as the quality of life for the older adults in our society.