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Covid-19 efforts in the region March/April update

Stockholm Science City’s bi-monthly update on Covid-19 related efforts and initiatives in the region.

Academic research and collaborations on Covid-19:
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• SciLifeLab efforts related to the Covid-19 pandemic and SciLifeLab Covid-19 action plan >>

The National SciLifeLab-KAW Covid-19 Research program is extended through funding from KAW
In March 2020, SciLifeLab launched a national Covid-19 research program together with the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW). Now, the program will be prolonged and extended through a new donation of 50 million SEK from KAW.
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Database on Covid-19 sample collections and biobanks launched
Sharing data and biobank samples is key to accelerate research on Covid-19, mitigate the effects of the virus, increase preparedness for future pandemics, and enable the development of Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics. Therefore, SciLifeLab together with Biobank Sweden, now launches a national database on Covid-19 sample collections and biobanks, enabling scientists nationwide to find samples related to the virus.
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The number of clinical trials of covid vaccines continues to increase
The number of vaccine candidates tested on humans continues to increase, now 84 vaccines are in the clinical phase. This is shown by statistics from the WHO compiled by Lif.
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Iconovo has signed an agreement with ISR for the development of inhaled Covid-19 vaccine
Iconovo AB, which develops complete inhalation products, has signed an agreement with the immunotherapy company Immune System Regulation AB (ISR), for the development of an inhaled vaccine against covid-19 with Iconovo's inhaler ICOone. The agreement is Iconovo's second agreement in the new strategic area for innovative inhalation projects and confirms the suitability of using ICOone also for vaccines.
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One in ten has long-term problems 8 months after mild Covid-19
Eight months after the detection of antibodies to Covid-19, one in ten still has at least one moderate to severe symptom that is perceived to have a negative impact on work, social life or at home. The most common long-term symptoms are loss of smell and taste and fatigue. This is shown by a partial study from the COMMUNITY study at Danderyd Hospital and Karolinska Institutet, which is now published in the medical journal JAMA.
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Report on Sweden's capacity to produce vaccines
Improved production capacity and strengthened innovation environments within vaccines and biological drugs can increase Sweden's opportunities to contribute to the need for vaccines, but also to the development of new therapies and entrepreneurship. This is stated in a report to the government. Vinnova has been commissioned by the government to, in collaboration with the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the Inquiry into access to vaccines against Covid-19 and the Inquiry into health care preparedness, analyze Sweden's innovation and production capacity for vaccines and other biological drugs.
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The Heart-Lung Foundation distributes 16 million to research on Covid-19
Cardiovascular disease and certain lung diseases increase the risk of complications in Covid-19 and about one in ten people suffer from prolonged symptoms of the severe public disease. The Heart-Lung Foundation has therefore granted SEK 15.7 million in grants for 30 research projects that will contribute to more knowledge about both the acute phase and the long-term effects of Covid-19.
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