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Nordic-Canada Health Solutions Initiative 2018-2019

Nordic Innovation is supporting a collaboration project to assist Nordic healthcare companies with accelerated entry to the Canadian market.

Canada’s healthcare system has rising healthcare costs and an growing aging population. Through interviews on the market with Canadian healthcare decision makers, we have found concrete opportunities for Nordic healthcare products and solutions in Canada within the sectors of:

  • Hospitals: Opportunities for products or solutions which help with hospital workflow, improve wait times and efficiencies, improve patient safety, medication management, infection control, interconnectivity and data security
  • Long term care and retirement homes: increase patient safety, improve connectivity, workflow and access to patient information, better manage food services, improve patient environment and experience, staff training and retention
  • Home care: Help provide patient physical and emotional security, increase patient self-care, better communication and information sharing with patient and all care providers

Free Workshop and Information Session

To learn more about Canada, the opportunities within healthcare and our 2019 initiative, join our free, half day workshop held in the Nordic cities which in Stockholm will occur on the 20th of November. This half day workshop will give you the opportunity to network and discuss with a healthcare expert from Canada who will be providing an overview of Canada, the healthcare system, a detailed look at payer/ payee pathways, reimbursement, trends, innovation and adoption pathways. Joining companies will also have an opportunity to do a 2-minute pitch on your health product or solution to a healthcare expert and receive on-the-spot feedback about your market potential in Canada.

Overview of the 2019 full year Nordic-Canada Health Solutions Initiative

As a next step, companies will be welcome to apply to our 2019 full year Nordic-Canada Health Solutions Initiative. In brief, companies who are selected to join our initiative will receive:

  • two healthcare programs/visits in Canada (April and November 2019)
  • individual company feedback and advice from Canadian healthcare experts
  • educational seminars on billing and reimbursement
  • meetings and visits to local hospitals, long term care, community care or other relevant facilities

For more information, please contact:

Agata Leszkiewicz, Business Sweden in Canada
T. +1 416 640 7477, M. +1 647 638 1474 

Agata Leszkiewicz
Project Manager, Business Sweden