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Webinar online: What can ESS and MAX IV do for Swedish life science?

On May 26 we held a webinar in collaboration with the ESS / MAX IV office, which is operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova. You will find out more about techniques of relevance for life science.

Selma Maric from MAX IV and Zoë Fisher from ESS will share information about the facilities and the InfraLife project and give examples of research carried out at the facilities. Lionel Trésaugues will explain how Sprint Bioscience and the FragMAX team at MAXIV collaborated to develop a fragment-screening by X-ray crystallography approach targeting a cancer-related protein. This collaboration has allowed Sprint Bioscience to implement this technology in its drug-development platform and FragMAX to optimize their workflows to meet the requirements of industrial partners.

Below is a recording from the webinar that was held on May 26.