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The Future of Life Science

Symposium on how new technologies in life science affect research, healthcare, individuals and society
Stockholm Science City and Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson's Foundation are the initiators of the annual Engelsberg symposium "The Future of Life Science", which focuses on how new technologies affect research, healthcare, individuals, and society.

During the spring, the symposium gathers around 50 invited participants from different areas of society, including researchers, business representatives, decision makers in healthcare, investors and research financiers. Focus is on how research advances in life science affect our society. The symposium takes place at the world heritage Engelsberg Ironworks, north of Stockholm.

2019 year's symposium was titled Where is Life Science Heading in the Future: Technology driven science and healthcare - new opportunities and potential risks. Next year's theme is The Future of Life Science: The data revolution in life science and healthcare.

Each year, presentations and discussions from the symposium are summarized in a report.

2017: Where is Life Science Heading in the Future?
2018: On gene technology and the role of the scientific community
2019: The future of life science - Health data and precision medicine

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