The Future of Life Science

The Future of Life Science is a series of annual symposia, bringing together experts from different fields to explore how the latest breakthroughs in life science affect us as individuals, our society and health care today and tomorrow.

Since 2017, five symposia have been held at the Engelsberg Ironworks – a unique UNESCO World Heritage site built in the 17th century. In this beautiful setting, the invited participants have contributed to thoughtful and enlightening discussions about current advancements in life science, technology and healthcare. The presentations and discussions from each symposium are summarised in a report.

The Future of Life Science was initiated by the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation and the Stockholm Science City Foundation to organise international symposiums about the future of healthcare, science, and life science in general. This collaboration aims to raise relevant questions and trigger discussions among experts, academics, public officials, and private companies.