H2 Health Hub

H2 Health Hub

A meeting place for the health tech community
We developed the concept and initiated the activities of the H2 Health Hub, a co-working space and a meeting place for companies and others with interest in health tech. Shortly after the opening the H2 Health Hub evolved into a natural meeting point for the health tech community in Stockholm and strongly contributes to strengthening both the competitiveness of the companies and the region. Since 2017, H2 operates independently from Stockholm Science City.

The purpose of H2 Health Hub is to focus on the skills available in the digital health sector in Stockholm to strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the region. H2 Health Hub is a co-working space working both as an office space and a meeting place for startup companies in the Stockholm region. In 2016 the co-working space opened at Hälsingegatan 45 in Stockholm.

H2 Health Hub has several industry partners with health tech interests, creating creative and constructive dynamics between the established companies and young start-up companies that are moving here. Stockholm County Council is a strategic partner, thus strengthening the link with healthcare. One of the shareholders of H2 Health Hub is the corporate incubator Sting, which allows member companies to participate in accelerator programs that enhance development.

H2 serves as a venue for different types of events and creates the environments of meaningful exchange of ideas and knowledge. Shortly after the opening, H2 Health Hub evolved into a strong and natural meeting place for everyone in Stockholm with interests in digital health. H2 Health Hub strengthens the development of participating companies, has built a strong network and positions Stockholm as an active and forward-looking life science region.

Stockholm Science City (SSCi) is a strategic partner of H2 Health Hub and contributes building the network in digital health.

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