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Improved mobility between campus areas of the universities in Stockholm

Focus group on well-connected campuses in Stockholm
We coordinate a working group with representatives from Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Akademiska Hus and the property developers of Hagastaden. Together, we identify opportunities and needs from the universities concerning the communication between the different campus areas. A quick, safe and easy way to commute between the universities enables stronger connections between the campus areas and further supports interdisciplinary collaborations, joint educations and administrative co-operation that strengthen Stockholm, as a university capital, as well as the region.

Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University are all strong universities within their respective focus areas. Together, the three universities form a complementary academic environment that ranks well in an international comparison. In 2019, the universities formed the university alliance Stockholm trio to further strengthen their collaboration within education, research and partnerships. This long-term, strategic collaboration further highlights the need for efficient communications between the campus areas; a need for simple, time-efficient and accessible communication for students and employees.

Today, scientific breakthroughs often occur through collaborations between different research disciplines, which can result in development leaps and generate new discoveries, highly cited publications and enable new innovations and growth. In order to meet the society’s challenges, collaboration and knowledge-sharing between different disciplines are therefore key. It is more important than ever to connect the three universities’ different competencies and technologies in order address the global trend of convergence between disciplines to address tomorrow’s societal challenges.

Improved mobility between the universities is therefore a key aspect to ensure that Stockholm continues to rank well in international competitiveness in excellent research, talent attraction, collaborations, attracting new organisations/corporates, investments as well as to support the sustainability work of the universities and the City of Stockholm.

Since December 2018, Stockholm Science City foundation coordinates a focus group on mobility between the universities campus areas and compiles facts and data to further emphasize the importance of smooth communication between the universities. This is crucial not only for the universities but for the Stockholm region as a whole.

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Read the report (in Swedish)

Kartläggning och behovsanalys av resor och kommunikationer mellan universiteten

Brief facts from the report (in Swedish)

Sammanfattning av kartläggningen