Innovation competitions and hackathons

Innovation competitions and hackathons

Novel and innovative solutions to societal challenges

We have arranged innovation competitions and hackathons with the aim to benefit society through innovative solutions to societal challenges, and to strengthen Stockholm’s competitiveness. This is achieved by promoting interaction and collaboration between participants from different industries and with different areas of expertice. The competitions contribute to the development and realization of new ideas. One concrete example is the company Meloq, which was formed after the founders participated in the Health Hack Academy 2014.

The CityZen Jam is a playful urban innovation competition that took place on August 28th 2019 in Hagastaden. How do we create a vibrant city that promotes health and well-being? Our goal was to bring out creative, exciting and sustainable solutions for the public spaces in Hagastaden, which are based on the competitors' combined expertise and experience. We stimulate and facilitate idea exchange by composing teams where city residents, experts, students, the business community work side by side with initiative partners; City of Stockholm, Castellum, Atrium Ljungberg, Vectura and HSB.

Over the years, we have identified a number of factors that contribute to a successful competition:

  • the challenges should be developed in collaboration with challenge owners. They should be specific, and at the same time engaging and leave room for creativity
  • in the teams, mix many different competences as possible that are relevant to the challange
  • experienced process leaders support the teams during the competition
  • after the competition, the winning teams receive support in prototyping and are given opportunities to present their prototype or concept in relevant contexts

Previous innovation competitions and hackathons:

2013 - Health Hack Day
2014 - Health Hack Academy
2015 - Internet of Things for Health
2016 - Mental unhealth among young people

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