Innovative Radiotherapy

Innovative Radiotherapy

An opportunity for development in a clinical environment

We coordinated an application for funding to develop a testbed for companies within radiotherapy on the initiative of Karolinska University Hospital. Today, the initiative has developed into an established resource called the National testbed for innovative radiotherapy, where healthcare and industry jointly contribute to the development of radiation therapy against cancer. The testbed is now run by Innovationsplatsen at Karolinska University Hospital as coordinator.

The aim of the testbed is to facilitate development of new products and solutions within radiation therapy through collaboration between companies and hospitals. That way improved conditions for cancer care and for Swedish competitiveness is created.  

In 2010, Karolinska University Hospital identified the need for a testbed for Swedish radiation therapy companies to facilitate development of new products and solutions. In collaboration with eight companies and Radiumhemmet, the non-surgical cancer treatment and radiotherapy research institution of Karolinska University Hospital, we developed a concept which we were granted funding from Vinnova to develop. SSCi wrote the application and coordinated the start-up phase of the project which was later taken over by Radiumhemmet. Today, the activities are conducted at Innovationsplatsen, the center for innovation at Karolinska University Hospital, as coordinator. 

Initially, the testbed was a local initiative which has thereafter been developed into an established national resource - the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiology. Its operations is established at all university hospitals in Sweden and makes it possible for healthcare and companies to drive development of radiation cancer therapy in collaboration, where novel technology and new methods are tested in a clinical environment. The testbed is a resource that strengthens Sweden's competitiveness and also strengthens collaboration between companies and hospitals, something we are very proud of having contributed to.

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