Seminars and events

Seminars and events

Inspiring and valuable meetings
We annually organize a large number of seminars and other events to raise current subjects and issues, disseminate information and highlight different actors and initiatives. This enables people from universities, businesses and the public sector to meet, get inspired, gain new knowledge, develop their networks and build valuable relationships.

As an important part of encouraging and enabling collaboration between universities, businesses and the public sector we annually arrange a large number of seminars and other events on cross disciplinary topics. We also arrange seminars of interest to specific target groups in order to strengthen their activities. By doing this, we get people to meet, get inspired, acquire new knowledge and create valuable relations.

We arrange everything from individual seminars and seminar series by our own to larger events in cooperation with others. Previously we have discussed topics such as artificial intelligence, the future of pharmaceutical companies, regulatory choices and EU funding.

Find upcoming events and seminars here. Watch our previously recorded events here.

Do you have ideas of interesting topics or projects we should raise? Or do you want to organize a seminar with us? Please contact us!