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Tools of Science

Advanced equipment and services in one place
We are responsible for Tools of Science, a platform that raises the Stockholm region's research infrastructure within life science at universities and healthcare, as well as services from companies all over Sweden. is a one-stop-shop to find competences and services missing internally. In addition we arrange seminars with service companies and targeted meetings with the universities.

In 2006, we created Tools of Science together with the universities in Stockholm to show their offerings about using the advanced equipment owned by the universities. Later, also companies and healthcare actors who offered services and use of equipment to academic researchers and companies were included in the platform. Tools of Science consists of two parts, a website and an opportunity to participate and share offerings at seminars and other meetings. The website serves as a one-stop shop with readily available information about what is offered in the region and the rest of Sweden. The website also offers the opportunity to inform about courses, events and new initiatives held by the core facilities or companies.

Today, Tools of Science is a well established platform that contributes to increased interaction between different actors in life science and increased knowledge in the region about available equipment and services . This leads to increased competitiveness and to make Stockholm visible as an active life science region.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us or visit Tools of Science.