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With insight into the development of medtech products

Medtech is a broad area that includes an unlimited number of different products used in healthcare. An important component in many medical devices is the plastic parts required for the final product and in order to reach the market, a variety of skills are needed. At a seminar on January 23, we will learn more about medtech plastic details from four companies. We took the chance to ask questions to the seminar’s moderator Håkan Lavebratt from ABM Industri, one of the participants you have the opportunity to meet during the upcoming seminar.

Read the full interview with Håkan Lavebratt here (in Swedish) or find out more about the upcoming seminar (in Swedish) >>

Håkan Lavebratt, PhD Engineering. Key Account Manager Medtech, AMB
Håkan Lavebratt
PhD Engineering. Key Account Manager Medtech, AMB