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Participate in a survey to map companies in the precision medicine field

SwedenBIO invites companies working in the field of precision medicine to participate in a survey with the purpose of getting an overview over Sweden’s strength within this area.

Precision medicine has during the recent years emerged as an important field of research to meet the requirements from the healthcare to provide the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. In this survey companies registered and with the majority of their research and development in Sweden are invited to participate. The projects and/or product can be in the field of biomarkers, diagnostic or prognostic assays, technologies, services, screening tools, platforms, software wherein there also is an application in Precision Medicine.

Another key aspect of the results from the survey is to get material to market Swedish companies in this area internationally with the aim to attract both collaborations and investments. As a participating company you will hence have the opportunity to be visible on a larger global arena.

Hence, if your company is in the field of precision medicine please read more and participate here.