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Season’s Greetings from Stockholm Science City

2020 will be remembered as the year when research and the general public hooked arm, and side by side battled an invisible enemy. The year when science in a very short time made it possible to develop an effective weapon to force this opponent back.

A coronavirus measures about 100 nanometers in diameter and has a mass of about a billiard of a gram. In spite of its small size, we are painfully aware that without prevention, we are defenseless. We now have approved vaccines, and vaccination programs are to be initiated all over the world. This is made possible thanks to an unparalleled global joint effort and collaboration between research, healthcare, and the pharma industry.

The year 2020 also marks that Stockholm Science City has turned thirty years! In 1990, our founders: Karolinska Institutet; KTH, Stockholm University and the Stockholm School of Business together with Göran Gustafsson Foundation, Axel and Margaret Ax-son Johnson Foundation and Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation, together founded Stockholm Science City Foundation. Since then, we have been working to strengthen collaboration between universities, healthcare and industry.

During the year, we have released two reports
The Future of Life Science - Health data and precision medicine
A survey and analysis of needs for communication / public transportation between the universities.

During 2021, we will continue with activities with the ambition of contributing to the society and to strengthen Stockholm competitiveness within life science. With our webinars, the aim is to contribute to spreading knowledge, but also to networking. The latter is more challenging in a digital format, but continously adapt in order to deliver relevant content. One advantage of digitalisation is that the content now has a longer half-life - if you missed a webinar, it can be seen from our website. Another plus is that we now reach participants from all over the country.

Maybe you are active in academia, healthcare or a company and have thoughts and ideas that you want to share with us? Feel free to contact us, it is important for us to know what your needs are!

My colleagues and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Ylva Williams
CEO, Stockholm Science City