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Summer greetings from Stockholm Science City

Stockholm Science City celebrates 30 years this year. In 1990, our founders; Karolinska Institutet; KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Stockholm University; Stockholm School of Economics and the private foundations Göran Gustafsson’s foundation, Axel & Margaret Ax-son Johnson’s foundation and Kjell & Märta Beijer’s foundation decided to create a foundation with the aim to support the development of R&D in the vicinity of Stockholm's universities and to strengthen relations and increase collaborations between academia, industry, and society.

That is still our ambition. We aim to support the development of Stockholm as an attractive place for research and entrepreneurship through concept development, communication, and relationship-building to strengthen Stockholm's competitiveness in life science.

Transdisciplinarity and strong collaborations in the interface between academia, industry, and life science are the cornerstones that tomorrow's healthcare rest on. The pandemic is current proof that life science is a key sector to meet the global sustainability goals, and that the only way forward is through trustful collaborations.

Summer holidays are coming up, make it a great time!

Ylva Williams
CEO, Stockholm Science City