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Webinar online: Online panel discussion: Future of health - use of health data for better treatment

With today's digital tools, it is possible to collect, share and analyze health-related data in completely new ways. This can be useful for both patients and their care providers, but also provide value for researchers and companies when developing new treatments. Register research and the use of national quality registers have long contributed to the development of healthcare in Sweden and through increased digitalisation, new opportunities are provided for efficient data collection.

How can health data be used to measure the effect of drugs? In what ways can patient-reported data be used to evaluate and improve treatments? What tools are available to automate collection and analysis, how can these be integrated in the daily work of healthcare providers? What are the possibilities for pharmaceutical companies. Which are the risks and what regulations affect the use of health data?


  • Clara Hellner, Director of Research and Innovation, Region Stockholm
  • Sofia Ernestam, Head of Operations, Stockholm health care services (SLSO)
  • Karolina Antonov, Policy Expert, Lif - The research based pharmaceutical industry
  • Andreas Hager, Founder and CEO, Genia. Advisor patient collaboration, The New Therapies Council (NT-rådet)

The discussions was moderated by Filippa Kull, Stockholm Science City.

Below, please find the recording from the webinar on March 31.