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Where is life science heading in the future? Genes, Technology and Society

On May 14-15 Stockholm Science City Foundation together with Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation arranged the meeting “Where is life science heading in the future? Genes, Technology and Society”. This was the second edition of an annual high level meeting where we explore how recent breakthroughs in life science impacts society today and in the future.

This year the focus was on gene technology and how its applications is used both to cure life threatening diseases and to solve environmental challenges. The meeting gathered 45 people, including Swedish and international scientists as well as representatives from pharma companies, investors, health care, policy makers and politicians. The discussions covered a broad range of questions such as: How can gene modified organisms and cell factories help to solve global challenges regarding for example food supply, sustainable fuel production and pollution control? What is the status of using genetic diagnostics to personalize treatments? How can genetic researchers and healthcare professionals work together to maximize the clinical impact of novel research advancements? What is the promise for the future of gene therapy - and what are the possible pitfalls?

A written report with summaries of the discussions, reflections and conclusions will be published after the summer. Meanwhile, feel free to download the summary of last year’s conference, covering trends in life science in different parts of the world as well as some aspects of the future organization of health care.

Download the report from last year >>