Awarded Life Science and Health Career Fair, CHaSE, is approaching

Experience the pulse of opportunity in life sciences and healthcare at Stockholm's premier career and jobs fair – CHaSE. On November 17th and on November 24th the stage is set for a dynamic convergence of industry giants, startups, NGOs, and Karolinska Institutet's community.  

– This vibrant event unites visionaries and professionals, from established corporations to budding startups, along with researchers, PhDs, postdocs, bachelor’s, master's and medical students. Last year, CHaSE welcomed over 500 attendees, amplifying its reputation as a sought-after platform, says Katerina Chatziargyri, Project Leader & Corporate Relations at CHaSE 2023. 

CHaSE, which stands for Careers in Health and Science Exposition, represents a pinnacle in career advancement. Crafted by Karolinska Institutet's students, this event bridges the gap between aspirants and employers in the life sciences and health sectors. Since its foundation in 2014, CHaSE has fostered connections between 75+ organizations, 6000 undergraduates and graduates, 2100 PhD students, and 900 postdoctoral scientists from KI. The arena also beckons talents from other esteemed Swedish institutions. In 2022 CHaSE was honored with the Scandinavian Business Award for Best Health & Science Jobs Fair. 

This year, the event is orchestrated by a dynamic and diverse team of thirteen students hailing from prestigious universities such as Karolinska Institutet, Linköping Universitet, and KTH.  

CHaSE teamet 2023

– Our collective vision and dedication promise is to make this event a resounding success, showcasing the power of teamwork and multidisciplinary synergy. We’ve worked hard; from forging crucial corporate relations to crafting effective marketing and communication strategies, from managing the financial intricacies to overseeing the seamless operations, this collaborative effort represents a harmonious blend of expertise from various academic backgrounds, continues Katerina Chatziargyri. 

For students, it’s a compass guiding them toward their post-university destinies. Beyond linking up with esteemed entities, CHaSE boasts insightful talks, career seminars, and workshops tailored to all educational phases. Attendees can benefit from LinkedIn and CV coaching, preparing them for their journey ahead. 

Dates and location

  • On 17.11.2023  in Zanderska Huset at Karolinska Institutet’s Flemingsberg Campus 
  • On 24.11.2023, in Aula Medica at Karolinska Institutet’s Solna Campus. 

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Text: Pranati Chalasani