Norra Djurgårdsstaden
Photo: WSP
Photo: Staffan Eliasson
Photo: Sofia Ekberg
Photo: Staffan Eliasson
Photo: Staffan Eliasson
Illustration: Berg/C.F. Møller

Stockholm Science City Foundation is a supportive and dynamic expertise-based organisation. We facilitate knowledge exchange and stimulate growth.

Stockholm Science City Foundation (SSCi) aim to strengthen the attractive environment for life sciences in Stockholm. SSCi promote collaboration between the universities in Stockholm, industry and healthcare to foster development of socially beneficial and profitable innovations such as products and services.

Stockholm is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and Hagastaden is one of the largest urban development projects in Sweden. Hagastaden brings together world-class research, clinical development and innovative companies as well as students, researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Science, industry and healthcare meet under the brand name Stockholm Life.

Stockholm Science City's focus is to develop Hagastaden into one of the world's premier areas for life sciences.

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