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A district and a growth engine for life science
Hagastaden in Stockholm is a unique area for life science research and entrepreneurship as a result of a high concentration of companies, healthcare professionals and universities in a central urban environment. In collaboration with property owners and other actors we work to attract companies and other businesses to the area. Our work has resulted in several new establishments and expansion of existing businesses in the district.

Since 2009 we work to develop Hagastaden as an area of research and entrepreneurship within life science, in collaboration with the City of Stockholm, the City of Solna, Region Stockholm, the universities of Stockholm and property owners. This is a project based on Vision 2025, a vision to create a world leading life science region. All buildings in the district are expected to be finalized at the year of 2030 with 13 000 people living and 50 000 working here.

The geographic closeness to The Karolinska University Hospital, Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory creates a unique opportunity for businesses to establish closely to prominent research environments. In the end of 2017 more than one hundred life science companies were established in Hagastaden, a number that will continue to increase rapidly until the year of 2025 when the constructions are scheduled to be completed. Also caregivers choose to move to Hagastaden and in 2020 S:t Eriks ögonsjukhus open the doors to their new hospital building in Hagastaden. The high concentration of universities, actors within healthcare and companies creates a unique environment that will have the function of a growth engine for Swedish life science.

With our aim to develop Hagastaden are we actively trying to attract new businesses to the district by outreach activities, information dissemination, workshops and dialogue meetings. By doing this we have created an international interest in the development of Stockholm and Hagastaden. This has led to a great number of establishments and expansion of existing activities in Hagastaden for global companies and SMEs as well as universities and authorities. Our work is a strong contributing factor to the expansion that takes place in Hagastaden, where we are a mobilizing and catalytic power.

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