Petra Noreback on health promotion work and on dealing with health crises

In May, Petra Noreback participated at The Future of Life Science, a symposium on creeping health crises. Antibiotic resistance, dementia, lifestyle-related diseases and pandemic preparedness were highlighted. Here, she tells about the government's role in dealing with health challenges and preventive health work, as well as about cooperation for crisis preparedness, and how the work can be realized to extend beyond a term of office. 

Anna Martling about her new assignment

Karolinska Institutet aims to be an engine for realizing Sweden's potential in life science. Anna Martling coordinates the work to ensure that all actors cooperate as much as possible since this is crucial for getting the most out of investments in precision medicine.

KFUM works with young people's mental health

KFUM, through its international associations, the YMCA and YWCA, is part of the world's largest and oldest youth and women's rights movement. The organisation is active in 130 countries worldwide and reaches around 70 million people annually through its activities. This year, they celebrate 180 years in the world and 140 years in Stockholm. 

How MedTechLabs strengthens the life science industry

MedTechLabs is an interdisciplinary center that contributes to increasing patients' survival and improving their quality of life and other medical challenges in healthcare. The focus is on cancer, stroke, and other major public diseases.

"Education-wise, we have a unique width and strength"

ASTRID SÖDERBERGH WIDDING: The University Alliance Stockholm Trio forms a complete academic environment and one of the strongest research environments in Europe and the world.

1000 square meter lab is soon available in Hagastaden

The combination of businesses, research, housing, meeting places, restaurants, and services makes Hagastaden a vibrant innovation district. When it is fully developed, the area will have nearly 50,000 workplaces and 6,000 new homes. Now, there is a chance to establish an office with a lab in the building Life City, in the center of Hagastaden.

Meet Travis, the Guru of innovation!

How can innovation district stay relevant? What are the challenges? Travis McCready, JLL, one of the speakers at the summit Navigating the Future of Innovation Districts tries to answer these questions.

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